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The day I was called "Brown B" aka Brown Beauty, was at the radio station I worked for. The men there were always gawking at women, nothing to be taking personally, it was the nature of the business I was in. But something about this name stuck with me. Growing up, I developed a negative complex about my skin complexion. I felt like I was never pretty enough. I was portrayed (by my "friends") as the ugly friend because of my complexion.


But as age comes, so does new experiences. Which ultimately led me to realize that my brown skin is, and always has been, BEAUTIFUL. So yes, as soon as I was called "Brown B" I held on to it and decided that from that point forward I wanted women of color and all shades of brown to be know as brown beauties too! That's what Brown Beauty is all about. It's about brown women embracing their shade of brown skin. Many brown women don't value the skin that they are in enough and/or  acknowledge the power it has. That's why Brown beauty was created.

Brown Beauty is a platform to let women know that there is nothing wrong with being "Black" or having "Black Power." But that word "Black" and even the color "black" tends to paint over all people of color with the same brush. Brown Beauty is trying to empower and uplift all the shades of BROWN in us, not put us all under one achromatic umbrella.

Be a Brown Beauty ❤️